Surprisingly Affordable

Lets face it, technology has made photography less expansive for photographers. No more film, No more printed proofs. Unlimited digital flexibility… So why shouldn’t it be less expansive for you?

I sincerely believe in providing an honest value for your money when it comes to your wedding and portrait photography, but I would never compromise on the quality of my work.

Today, with digital photography the norm, you should get a better value for your money when it comes to hiring a photographer.  Not only are my package prices reasonable, but I have also reduced ALL my print prices to encourage my clients to print as many of their photos as they would like.

For example: print prices start are only $3.50 for a 4×6 and $17 for an 8×10.

Additionally, many people like to print their images on their own. I encourage this, and offer customers their images on CD if they choose. (I offer CDs of portrait sessions for only $60 or $150 for weddings)

So I hope you agree with my fair package and print pricing, and take advantage of my portrait and wedding photography services.